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Three Mosques in the Eye of the Beholder
Seif El Rashidi

Mohamed Ali’s Mosque is the most famous feature of Cairo’s Citadel, often mistaken for the Citadel itself. Few people notice the two other mosques right around the corner, that predate it by centuries.

issue 6
Icons of The Ordinary
The Art of Guirgis Lotfy
Sama Waly

To produce his stunning representations of modern daily life, Egyptian artist Guirguis Lotfy employs traditional techniques of Coptic art, ensuring the transmission of this unique craft to future generations.

issue 6
The Long and Interwoven
History of Egyptian Textiles
Seif El Rashidi

With a history stretching back almost two thousand years, the importance of Egypt's textile industry is reflected in medieval documents, the diversity of preserved textiles – some referencing Pharaonic motifs and classical legends – and even in family names.

issue 5
The Children of Port Said … 1956

RAWI resurrects a children’s exhibition, born in the war-torn Port Said of 1956.

issue 5
The Journey of the Sun Boats
Yasmine Allam

Drawing on ancient mythology and modern politics, Egyptian Painter Wael Darwish explores the human condition—past, present and future—through his works of art.

issue 5
Revisiting the Museum of Islamic Art
Iman R. Abdulfattah

The Museum of Islamic Art recently reopened to visitors after being closed since 2002. In this article, we delve into the fascinating history of the museum, and learn about the treasures displayed in its revamped exhibition space.

issue 4
Sketching the Intricate Life of Jules Bourgoin
Maryse Bideault

Jules Bourgoin was a pioneer in the study of the finer details of Islamic art, but remains virtually unknown. A recent exhibition in Paris delved into the forgotten details of his life and career.

issue 4
Wells of Knowledge & Inspiration
Two Sabil-kuttabs on the Bayn al-Qasrayn
Caroline Williams

Sharia al-Mu`izz li-Din Allah, or the Qasaba, is the great artery of Fatimid Cairo. Its importance as a ceremonial way lasted for almost nine hundred years, and the variety of monuments still clustered along its length show that it was a favourite building site for those who held power.

issue 3
A Window on a Long Tradition
Egypt’s Glassmaking Heritage
Eva Dadrian

Recent excavations and experimental archaeology have revealed the long history of Egypt’s glassmaking industry. From ancient Tell al-Amarna to the modern Qait Bey district of Cairo, Egyptian artists have spearheaded innovations that have spread around the world while remaining true to their traditional roots.

issue 3
On the Superimposed Idol
Aida El Torie

Nermine Hammam reminisces on the making of Ma’at and Metanoia as she explores the influential roles of women through her own search for inspiration and provocation.