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issue 1
Borrowing from the Past to Speak of the Present
Yasmine El Rashidi

Egyptian artist Huda Lutfi is considered a pioneer of the movement of bridging past and present through contemporary art, and part of a growing circle of artists appropriating historic texts, symbols and icons into contemporary expressions.

issue 3
Deir al-Surian
Treasure Chest in the Desert
Karel Innemée

Wadi al-Natrun, a geological depression west of the Delta, is one of the cradles of Coptic monasticism. In the fourth century, hermits retreated here in search of asceticism and solitude, but soon the monasteries that developed out of these anchoretic communities became centres of ecclesiastical culture. One of them, Deir al-Surian (the Syrian Monastery), is of particular interest.

issue 3
Port Said
Decaying Wooden Verandas Tell the Story of a City
Claudine Piaton

Wooden galleries several storeys high adorn the buildings of Port Said. This unique type of architecture, characteristic of a certain era, is today at risk from a continuously increasing population, poor planning and lax implementation of building regulations.

issue 6
Beautiful Wounds:
The World of Traditional Egyptian Tattoos
Emmanuelle Perrin

Much more than simple body adornments, traditional Egyptian tattoos incorporate complex meanings and evoke tales of knights, seductresses and animals in a multicolour world of the imagination.

issue 7
The Golden Land
Searching for the Traditional Jewellery of Nubia
Yasmine El Dorghamy

Nubia has a rich history of distinctive jewellery, with each style given its own name and imbued with individual meaning. Although today it may be difficult to find pieces made in the traditional ways, it is not impossible.

issue 7
An Everlasting Lustre
A Thousand Years of Monitoring Egypt's Jewellery Industry
Azza Fahmy

Egypt has a long history of jewellery production, but there hasn’t always been regulation to control the quality of the items made. Over the past thousand years, laws have been created and refined, leading to the system in place today.

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