Yasmine El Dorghamy

holds an MA in international education policy from Stockholm University and works in the field of education. She also publishes RAWI Egypt’s Heritage Review and is currently conducting research on traditional Egyptian jewellery and amulets in addition to researching the history of art writing/critiquing in Egypt.

Articles by this author

A Perfect Murder

The story of a notorious 1920s murder that stirred a media frenzy in Egypt and the United Kingdom. Involving two controversial characters and pitting two different cultures against each other, the case was much more than a simple crime of passion.

issue 6
The Sednaouis of Egypt

Before being nationalized under President Nasser, the Sednaoui Khazindar department store held a special place in the hearts of generations of Cairenes. This is the story of the family that created that legacy.

issue 5
Meet the Masters of the Underworld

A collection of nineteenth-century protective amulets for the possessed is brought to light.

issue 3
The 25 Most Influential Women in Egyptian History

We remember twenty-five of the most influential women who have shaped the country’s history; women whose memory should not be forgotten as Egypt looks to the future.

issue 2
The All-Purpose Egyptian Calendar

Not only does it keep track of dates, the Egyptian calendar comes with a full weather forecast, historical references, and cute rhyming proverbs.

issue 2
Tahrir Square
Evolution and Revolution

A walk through the history of a square that made history.

issue 1
Ismail’s Cairo Reborn?

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Cairo’s khedivial city centre. Will the historic buildings be restored? Will they all be sold to private investors? We look at what’s in store for the city’s architectural treasure trove.

issue 7
The Golden Land
Searching for the Traditional Jewellery of Nubia

Nubia has a rich history of distinctive jewellery, with each style given its own name and imbued with individual meaning. Although today it may be difficult to find pieces made in the traditional ways, it is not impossible.